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Good fit, Bad fit

At Calon Cariad we’ve been advising women for over a decade on how a good bra fit should look. With help from our partners at Panache, here’s the great fitting Envy and an essential bra fitting guide that demonstrates the good fit as well as the bad.

Good fit! The underband is firm but not uncomfortable.Bad fit! If the underband is riding up, the back size is too big.
Good fit! The breasts are totally encased within the wire, which should sit flat against the body.Bad fit! If the wires dig in at the underarm or the bust is bulging over the cups, a larger cup size is needed.
Good fit! Wires should sit close to the chest and the bra should stay in place when the arms are lifted.Bad fit! If the wires lift under the band when arms are raised, a smaller back size is required.

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